Sunday, October 14, 2012


Sometimes stress catches a piece of us that we just don't see coming.  No matter how many times we plan fun things to do, relaxing times of rest or just simply veg out on the couch, stress seeks us out and sticks its ugly little head into the light of our world.

For me, I can find a lot of things that occupy my time.  That's exactly the problem!  Things that are not designed to fill those empty spaces in my life are failing.  If I go from stress to things back to stress and then a thing again my life is a spiral.  I'm not sure if you have noticed, but a spiral generally revolves around itself.  I don't recall God calling me to live a self-centered life.  It certainly seems easier to put things in my life that appear to take the place of my stress and my trials.  I have noticed recently that I tend to eat a lot when I am noticeably stressed out.  This is the same outward expression of my inward, broken condition.  Me filling my stomach with food (usually bad for me) is a perfect example of seeing if something external can take the place of my imperfect emotional state.

God is the answer.  How simply beyond us.  At times it seems difficult to organize my activities and stuff to distract me, so it seems too easy to rely on God--right?  This is where I am stuck tonight.  The more things cloud my mind, the harder it is to simply rely and relax!

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